Fikrimuhal helps enterprises transform into AI companies.


Artificial Intelligence is is changing how companies find new customers, optimize operations and develop new products. Fikrimuhal helps organizations harness the competitive edge brought by AI.


Our Services

AI Strategy & Architecture

We work together with you to analyze your company and industry to surface the highest-value AI use cases.

We help you plan the execution phase by designing your AI organization structure, team composition, governance and budgeting.


Data Science

We have extensive experience in developing Machine Learning algorithms that leverage behavioral and transaction-level data to unlock business value. We have delivered AI products in Finance, Energy, Media and Online Advertising sectors.

We are also proud to take part in cultivating the Data Science community. We sponsor various events that bring industry professionals together to exchange ideas and collaborate.


Big Data System Development

We build large-scale data ingestion, processing, storage, reporting and warehousing systems that scale to many petabytes.

We have extensive experience in cluster computing and Big Data storage and processing systems including Apache Hadoop, Hive, Spark and Kafka.


Software Product Development

We are proud to be an engineer-led company. This allows us deliver high-quality, scalable software products on time and within budget.

Our specialty is in data-intensive distributed systems applications. We have delivered real-time content delivery and scheduling systems that support up to 200,000 concurrent users. Our teams have expertise in Java, Scala, Akka, Play Framework, Spark and Kafka among other technologies.


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