Sental Recommendation Engine

SENTAL is an advanced product recommendation engine designed for large-scale E-commerce sites. SENTAL provides personalized product offerings to each customer in real-time.


SENTAL incorporates the latest developments in recommendation algorithms in a Software as a Service (SaaS) product for quick and easy integration. SENTAL collects and analyzes massive amounts of behavioral data about your users. Clickstream, cart content, product ratings, and purchased items data are used to uniquely identify key interests of each customer, and dynamically provide relevant recommendations in real-time.


  • Personalized Category Page Sorting

    SENTAL allows you to sort items in category pages according to personal relevance for each user.

  • Related Product Recommendations

    On each product page, SENTAL offers related items.

  • Shopping Cart Recommendations

    SENTAL offers complimentary items when the user views the sopping cart just before checkout.

  • Personalized Recommendations in the Home Page

    SENTAL lets you personalize your home page for each user.

  • Reminders for Returning Customers

    When customers return your site, SENTAL shows them the items they already considered, but have not bought.

  • Personalized Search Error Pages

    SENTAL shows relevant recommendations when user searches for an item that doesn’t exist or sold out.

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